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Are you ready for a new kitchen floor plan? Consider updating your current floor plan and utilize all the space available. A kitchen remodel takes time and creativity just to get to the planning phase, but it can be a great experience if you go about it in a smart way and use a professional. Go ahead, use your imagination then share your ideas and watch them work themselves into a real plan. There are many ideas that can fit into almost any budget. A kitchen remodel also adds value to your home and adds value to the time you spend with your family and friends in a well designed kitchen.

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Pro Contractors has over 30 years of experience working in the Laporte, MN area to bring you the whole kitchen remodel projects of your dreams. We believe in the quality of a job over the quantity of jobs we are doing. We always oversee every aspect of a job from first drawing to the final cleanup. We treat your family like it was our own so you can always trust that your whole kitchen remodel project is a priority to us. If you need assistance with any whole kitchen remodel projects in the Laporte, MN area, please call Pro Contractors at 218-255-2442 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Makes Us Unique?

At Pro Contractors we are dedicated to building your dreams. Our goal is to provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for our customers, in the Laporte, MN area, while creating a customized project to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on our affordable pricing and quality workmanship with over thirty years of experience. Our policy has always been and will always be that we do not accept payment until the whole kitchen remodel project is completed and you are satisfied, one hundred percent. If you need any assistance with a whole kitchen remodel project in the Laporte, MN area, please call Pro Contractors at 218-255-2442 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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- Addition to Existing Structure - Build
- Attics - Remodel
- Basement - Remodel
- Bathroom - Remodel
- Commercial Construction
- Custom Home Builder
- General Contractor
- Kitchen - Remodel
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